Jeff Bradbury

             Professor of Chemistry         

Office:  S-210

Phone: 562-860-2451 x. 2690


Schedule for Finals Week May 18-21:


Monday 5/18

8-10 am Chem. 112 Lecture Final

10-11 am Office Hour


Tuesday 5/19

Off Campus


Wednesday 5/20

10-12 noon Chem. 112 Lab

1-2 pm Office Hour

2-4 pm Chem. 110 Lab


Thursday 5/21

8-10 am Chem. 111 Lecture Final

11-12 noon Office Hour

12-2 pm Chem. 111

2-4 pm Chem. 110 Lab


Schedule Summer 2015

Chemistry 100 Lab 8-11am M,T,W

Chemistry 100 Lecture 11-2pm M,T,W


USC Talk Slides 3/31/15


Chemistry 112 Lab


Chemistry 112 Lecture

Chemistry 110 Lecture

Chemistry 110 Lab

   Chem. 110 Mini Web Lectures page

Chemistry 111 Lab


Chemistry 211 Lab


Chemistry 105 Chemistry for Elementary Teachers

Chemistry 100 Lecture and Lab







Chemistry 111 Lecture

           Chem. 111 Mini Web Lectures

Summer Research Programs


 Professor Bradbury's Blog


 My Favorites   

What does a Chemist Do?

Molecule of the Month

What is in that stuff?

Cool elements!

My favorite music

Which University Should I Choose?

Summer Research Program at USC


Stem Grant Proposal


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Molecule of the Month

My favorite music



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