CIS 101: Introduction to Computer Information Systems: Class #20139
Assignment 1
(20 pts.)
Instructor: B. Negrete
Phone: (562) 860-2451 ext. 2735
Office: SS24

Getting Started with MyITLab and Windows 8

Deadline: See the MyITLab class site for the date & time.

Objective: To become familiar with basic functions of Windows 8.

Student Learning Outcome #1: Create an organized set of folders, and successfully copy, move, delete, and rename folders and files according to a model assigned by the instructor.

Notice: The completed assignment must be submitted before the deadline to receive credit.
Late assignments will not be accepted. It simply is not fair to those students that submit the assignment before the deadline.

  1. Print and Read these instructions before proceeding.
  2. Acquire an email account and enter your email address into your MyCerritos and TalonNet profiles.
  3. All email messages sent to Mr. Negrete must include the following :

    Subject: CIS-101 Class ##### followed by a brief description of the message.
    Your Name
    CIS-101 Class Number #####

    Please note: messages without the above Subject & Signature will be returned/deleted.

Part 1: Getting started with MyITLab

Use the following links to see the instructions for Registering for MyITLab and Enrolling in a MyITLab course.

  2. Use the "STUDENTS" link to check out the resources to help you with this course.
  3. Using a personal/home computer for MyITLab
            Run the "Home Computer Set-Up" using the link at the top of the page.
            Be sure to carefully read and follow all of the instructions.
  4. To gain access to the MyITLab class site, you must first Register for a MyITLab account and then Enroll in our MyITLab class.
  5. Use the "Get Registered" link to begin the registration process.

Part 2: Getting Started with Microsoft Windows 8.

  1. Use the GO! with Microsoft Windows 8 Introductory textbook for this project.
  2. Use a blank flash drive for this project.
    You will continue to use this drive for the remainder of the course projects.
  3. Using File Explorer, Name the flash drive "CIS101#####".
  4. Read and work through the Chapter 1: "Getting Started with Windows 8" projects 1A & 1B  on pages 1 through 53.

Part 3:  Use the MyITLab website  for this part and the GO! with Microsoft Windows 8 Introductory textbook (20 pts.)

Sign into MyITLab and enter our course site.