SNAP 2013 Tutorials CD

1. Each chapter has a tutorial that will show you what you need to do instead of just reading the information.
2. It has audio and interactive. Can participate with the steps being explained to you.
3. Follows your textbook and should still do the Projects. This will help with the graded work at the end of the chapter.

This CD will help even more as you get into more complicated formulas because it will take you through the process step-by-step.

It is like having your own private tutor.

How to use the Tutorials CD:

1. Run

 Opening screen



     2. Browse Resources (left hand side of screen) and follow the directions below:
                Click on Excel Level 1               
                Click on 1.1

                Continue through Chapter 1

    3. Make sure that your sound is on because it will explain things and have you point to items

How to use the Tutorials CD at school:

    1. Put CD in computer and will see this screen:

Excel First Screen

    2. Key to click on to open the CD


    3. Click on exe key to open program:


    4. Open the program:

Exe key

    5. Opening screen: Click on Browse


    6. Click on Excel Level 1 screen:


    7. Open chapters:

Level 1