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Solvay Conference - 1927

1927 Solvay Conference


*Fall 2015 Classes*

Physics 101
Lecture: Monday - Wednesday
Lab: Tuesday   
Lab: Thursday  
Location: S104 (Lecture), PST-124 (lab)
Physics 101
Lecture: Tuesday - Thursday
Lab: Wednesday
Lab: Thursday
Location: S104 (Lecture), PST-133 (lab)
Physics 100 Lab
Day: Monday
Time: 2:00 PM to 4:50 PM
Ticket #: 20482
Location: PST-124

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Physics Department Classes Flowchart

Tutoring Schedule

Arduino Project Application (Last day to apply is November 17)

NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars You can apply now. Application closes December 15 at 2:00 PM central time.


Department Instructors' Office Hours

* You must attend the first lab and lecture meetings; otherwise, you will be dropped as a "no-show" to make room for students on the waiting list. No exceptions, no excuses.

*Students missing any lab or lecture meeting during the first two weeks of school, will be dropped from the class. No exceptions, no excuses.

*Labs are limited to 30 students.  None of the lab sections will be overenrolled.  Physics 101 students, you must enroll in an open lab section if you wish to assure a place in the class.

*Students in the waiting list must clear all holds in their records.  Otherwise, your place will be giving to the next student in the list.

*You will loose your place in the class, if you are dropped for non payment. 

*All grades are posted on Talon Net