Political Science
Summer 2015

·        If you have not received an email from me by May 8, and you are enrolled in section 20380 or 21489, the email you have on file with Cerritos College is not up to date—you are responsible for updating it by logging on MyCerritos and editing your “profile”

o   Staff in Admissions and Records can assist you in doing so

·        The required text for Political Science 101 (20380) is “Central Ideas in American Government”

o   It is a web-based text and should be purchased directly from Soomo Publishing (www.webtexts.com)

o   The cost is $50.00 (buying a hard copy IN ADDITION to the web version is optional ($25.00 more)

o   All enrolled students must purchase/register the text by the first day of classes

§  No sharing and no renting

§  If you are experiencing financial issues the publisher (Soomo will give you access to the text for three weeks before requiring you to pay)

·        The required text for Political Science 201 (21489) is “Introduction to Politics (2nd Edition),” by Garner, Ferdinand, and Lawson, Oxford, 2012.

o   I am not ordering the text through the Book Store

o   The text is available through multiple vendors on the Internet and can be ordered through chain stores like Amazon, Borders, etc.

o   This text is also available for renting by some vendors at a greatly reduced price

·        Information about the courses I am teaching in the Summer is being emailed to all enrolled students no later than May 15th

·        The TalonNet sites for my summer courses will be available off of the Cerritos College Home Page beginning May 19th.

o   TalonNet is Cerritos College’s course management and information system

o   TalonNet will be used to deliver all course materials, assignments, grades, etc.

·        Both of my summer courses are online courses

o  There is NO in-person online class orientation required

o  There will be an orientation for the courses on TalonNet when the site is available

o  TalonNet

Political Science 201 Text

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