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I am the faculty advisor for the Alpha Omega Club at Cerritos College. You can check out any one of their bible discussions. There are 3 groups that meet, T, W,Th at 11:30am in the quad in front of the Student Center.

If you have any feedback to give me about the class, please sign my guestbook. I welcome your suggestions to make the class better.


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Phone: (562)860-2451 x4500

E-mail: dford@cerritos.edu

Feel free to ask questions via my Discussion Board.
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Math 80B #21798 (MWTTh 1-3:05pm)

AED 49.01: Preparatory Math (21732 LEC / 21733 LAB) MTWTH 9am - 11:50am


Course Information Spring 2016   - Important Dates   -   Finals Schedule

Math 80A #20504 (MW 3:30-4:45)

AED 49.01 #20142 (MW 9am-12pm)

Course Information Fall 2015

Math 70 Tkt 20308 (TTh) Geometry

Math 60 Tkt 23814 (T/Th) Elementary Algebra

AED Tkt 25700 (M/W) Preparatory Mathematics

Course Information Summer 2015

AED Tkt 21526 (MTWTh 9 - 11:50 am)

Course Information Spring 2015

Math 80 Tkt 22979 (T/Th 11am) Intermediate Algebra

Math 80B Tkt 20514 (T/Th 9:30am) Intermediate Algebra II

AED  Tkt 20108 (MWF 11:00am) Preparatory Mathematics

Course Information Fall 2014 Important Dates  Finals Schedule

Math 70 Tkt 20308 (TTh) Geometry

Math 40 Tkt 23086 (MW) Pre-Algebra

AED  Tkt22979 (MWF) Preparatory Mathematics

Course Information Summer 2014  Important Dates 

Math 80 Tkt 21160 (M-Th 9:00-11:55) Intermediate Algebra

Math 80B Tkt 21165 (M-Th 12:30-2:35) Intermediate Algebra II

Course Information Spring 2014  Important Dates & Deadlines    Finals Schedule

     AED 49.01 (MWF 11:00 - 1:50)  Tkt 20108 Preparatory Math

     Math 80B Tkt 20514 (TTh 9:30-10:45) Intermediate Algebra II

     Math 40 Tkt 23048 (TTh 11am - 12:50pm) Pre-Algebra


Course Information Fall 2013

      AED 49.01 (MWF 11:00 - 1:50) Tkt#22979 Preparatory Math

     Math 70 Tkt 20307 (MW 1-3) Geometry

     Math 70 Tkt 20308 (TTh) Geometry

Course Information Summer 2013

    AED 49.01 (MTWTh 9:00-11:50) Tkt#20847 Preparatory Math

Course Information Spring 2013

    Math 80A (T/Th 11:00-12:30) Tkt#20850 Intermediate Algebra I

    AED 49.01 (MWF 11:30-1:30) Tkt#20850 Preparatory Math

Course Information Fall 2012

    Math 80A (T/Th 11:00-12:30) Tkt#20349 Intermediate Algebra I

Course Information Spring 2012

    Math 60 (M/W 11:30-1:20) Tkt#20361 Elementary Algebra

    Math 60 (T/Th 11:00-1:00) Tkt#20364 Elementary Algebra


Course Information Fall 2011

    Math 5 Tkt#22722 Math Learning Strategies

       Math 20 Tkt#20311  Basic Mathematics

       Math 70 Tkt#20346 Geometry

Course Information Spring 2011

      Math 60 Tkt#20369  Elementary Algebra

      Math 40 Tkt#21680 Prealgebra

Course Information Fall 2010

      Math 60 Tkt#20366  Elementary Algebra

Course Information Spring 2010

      Math 60 Tkt#20432  Elementary Algebra

Course Information Fall 2009

      Math 20 Tkt#22848  Basic Mathematics

Course Information Spring 2009

     Math 40 Tkt#20430  Pre-Algebra

Course Information Fall 2008

     Math 60 Tkt#41361 Elementary Algebra

Course Information Spring 2008

      Math 40 Tkt#41207 Pre-Algebra

Course Information Fall 2007

      Math 60 Tkt#31625 Elementary Algebra

Course Information Spring 2007

      Math 140 Tkt#30448 Trigonometry

Course Information Fall 2006

     Math 40 Tkt#25557 Prealgebra

Course Information Spring 2006

      Math 140 Tkt#20835 Trigonometry


If you have any feedback to give me about the class, please sign my guestbook. I welcome your suggestions to make the class better.

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