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Desktop computers and the campus information technology infrastructure have become essential tools for faculty, staff, and students at Cerritos College. As a result of the continuing growth of desktop computing and the demand for support services, there has been a significant impact on resources. To improve efficiency and focus our central support efforts, we have implemented the following standards. We strongly believe this will help contribute to a responsive, dependable, and supportable computing environment.

Cerritos College hardware and software standards have been established under the guidance of the Information Technology Standards Committee. The information technology department will also work with any individual areas if the established standards are an inappropriate fit. Please contact Patrick O'Donnell x2171 for customized assistance. The most common upgrade recommendations include additional memory, faster CPU's, and/or larger hard drives, which are valuable for some specific types of applications.


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  Macintosh (we support any Macintosh)
  Data Network Cabling Requirements/Standards
  Smart Classrooms
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  Phone VoIP
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Committee Purpose:

  • Assist the college in developing and/or maintaining the Technology Master Plan
  • Recommends policies and procedures governing the implementation and use of college technology
  • Recommends standards for hardware and peripherals that are compatible with our software standards
  • Reviews and updates software standards
  • Make recommendations to departments/divisions for computer equipment and peripherals
  • Monitors trends and practices on issues within the committee's scope and communicates them to the college

Committee Membership:

Name Representing Term
Patrick O'Donnell Information Technology Department Ongoing
Javier Banuelos Information Technology Department Ongoing
Terrie Lopez ACCME 7/1/15 - 6/30/18
Shawna Baskette ACCME 7/1/16 - 6/30/19
Barbara Soden Faculty 9/11-15 - 9-10-16
Bernie Negrete Faculty 9/11-15 - 9-10-16
Patty George Faculty 9/11-15 - 9-10-18
Vykki Morgan Faculty 9/11-15 - 9-10-18

Mayra Radillo

CSEA 9/1/16 - 6/30/19
Erik Duane CSEA 8/19/17 - 6/30/20
Michele Kingston CSEA 9/1/16 - 6/30/19
Mauricio Pedroza CSEA 9/1/16 - 6/30/19

Gerardo Estrada

ASC Spring 2018
Quorum must be at least 7 people on a committee of 13    

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