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Summer 2017 Lab Syllabus

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Here are some review helps for the math in Unit 1:

How many cg in 451.5 Kg?

Windows Media Player        Quick Time   Transcript

How many kilometers are in 3.4 x 10 13  millimeters

Solution in PowerPoint   Transcript

A rock has a density of 3.68 g/cm3.  What is the volume of the rock if it has a mass of 22 lbs?

Windows Media Player   QuickTime Format  Transcript

How many kilometers are in 3.46 x 10 13 mm

Flash    Quick Time Transcript

How many milliliters are in 1.2 x 10 6 dl

Flash    Quick Time  Transcript

How many milligrams are in 32 lbs?

Flash    Quick Time  Transcript

How many kilometers are in a 100.0 yd football field?

 Flash    Quick Time  Transcript


Here are some videos that you might find helpful:

World of Chemistry Videos

Here are some podcast videos to help you with worksheet 8:

What volume of a .500 M solution of NaCl (molar mass 58.45 g) would contain 35.21 g of the solute?

Windows Media      QuickTime

How many grams of sucrose (molar mass 342.22 g) would be needed to prepare 1505 ml of a 2.4 M solution?

Window Media    Quick Time

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Lab Experiments Worksheets
Experiment 1 Measurement/Safety Worksheet 1
Experiment 2 Density Worksheet 2
Experiment 3 Matter and its Changes Worksheet 3
Experiment 4 Kinetic Theory Worksheet 4
Experiment 5 Energy Worksheet 5
Experiment 6 Solids, Liquids, Water Worksheet 6
Experiment 7 Solutions Worksheet 7
Experiment 8 Acids, Bases, Buffers Worksheet 8
Experiment 9 Types of Reactions Worksheet 9
Experiment 10 Reaction Rate Worksheet 10
Experiment 11 Building Models Worksheet 11
Experiment 12 Polymers and Soap Worksheet 12
Experiment 13 Organic Chemistry Worksheet 13
Experiment 14 Biochemistry Worksheet 14
  Worksheet 15
  Worksheet 16



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