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Ni Bueno, EdD


562.860.2451 x 2874
Office ‘O’ in the HPEDA (PE) building
Fall Office hours:
Monday and Wednesday 12:30-1 pm (campus)
Thursday 1-2 pm (online)

 Women's History Month

 Cerritos College iTri 2010

Irvine Ranch Conservancy


Pound by Pound Health and Wellness Challenge!

Cerritos Triathlon Club

Triathlon Class

Writing in MLA Format

2013 ASCC Leadership Conference Presentation:
Determining Your Purpose

Spring 2018 Schedule
All course information and grades will be found on Canvas

21570 HED 200 Nutrition for Sports and Physical Conditioning M&W 9:30-10:45 am, MC 104
25339 KIN 203 Programs and Principles of Conditioning, M&W, 11 am-12:15 pm, CB 103
20436 HED 110 First Aid and CPR, Friday, 8-10:50 am, PE 2

The HED 100 online classes will be offered through Canvas

21117 HED 100 Contemporary Health 9-week 1

Due dates for all 3 orientation requirements (by 9:00 PM):
Registered students: 1/9/2018
Petitioning Students:

The moment we take responsibility for our life is the instant we gain control of it. –Mark Fournier
Proactive vs. Reactive- Steven R. Covey



 KIN 203 Principles of Conditioning

KIN 100 Introduction to Kinesiology

HED/WS 103 Women's Health

HED 200 Nutrition For Fitness And Physical Conditioning

Fitness and Wellness Online

Dolphin swimming

HED 100 Online Health, 18 week class
First 9-week Online Health class
Second 9-week Online Health class

6-week Summer Online Health Class

Beginning Backpacking

Directed Studies

HED 110 First Aid and CPR

HED 100 Contemporary Health Problems

Step Aerobics

      About Me

PE 147 Triathlon Class

Take the Time Management Questionnaire

Weekly Schedule Template

Coach Tony’s Stress Tips        








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